Dear Guest

We hope that you have a lovely stay in Apartment Beth and that you have a wonderful holiday in Okrug Gornji.

Whether you want to relax on the balcony, cool off in the pool and enjoy the view and local surroundings, or use the Apartment as a base to explore the wider Dalmatian Coast and Islands, we believe you have made the right choice. You may even fall in love with Croatia as we have done!

View from Apartment Beth to central Dalmatian islands

We have been coming to Croatia for several years and have explored a large part of the Dalmatian Coast and some of the Islands in the process. One thing you will realise during your stay is how vast Dalmatia is, and that in a short stay of a week or two you will hardly scratch the surface of even Central Dalmatia. According to Wikipedia, Croatia’s coastline is 1,100 miles long with 1,246 islands and islets adding a further 2,500 miles. Most of the islands and islets remain uninhabited.

We have spent most of our time in Southern Dalmatia, 2 hours’ drive north of Dubrovnik on the Pelješac peninsula. It is a beautiful and peaceful part of the coast but quite isolated for exploring other areas. When we took the decision to buy a property in 2018 we decided on Apartment Beth due to its central location, proximity to Split airport and ease of access for exploration. So we still have lots of exploration of this area to do ourselves.

The Apartment is named after, and is a tribute to, our beautiful daughter Beth who we tragically lost in 2015.

Getting here

The address of the apartment is Apartment Beth, 9B Ribarski Put, 21223, Okrug Gornji

It is just 10 minutes’ drive from Split airport by car. From the airport head west towards Trogir.

Split airport to Apartment Beth

On the southern outskirts of Trogir a new bascule bridge (opened in July 2018) has been built linking the island of Čiovo to the mainland. This means that traffic to Čiovo no longer needs to go through the town and over the bridges in Trogir centre. Cross the bridge and at the end turn left (not right despite the signs to Okrug Gornji). After 200m take the turning to the right which takes you over the top of the island and down in to Okrug Gornji. Be careful as you reach the top as the junction where the old road meets the new road is very unclear in terms of rights of way (unless road markings have been added since our last stay). As you ascend the hill, don’t take the turning to Žedno. When you reach the top of the island there are good views to the islands beyond Čiovo. You then start to descend in to Okrug Gornji. You reach a sharp left turn (the road straight ahead is one way) and after a few hundred meters the road curves round to the right and Mavarčica apartments are 100m on the left. There is parking at the side of the building. When parked, take the steps down to the entrance to the apartments, passing the “A” entrance and going in to the “B” entrance. Apartment Beth is up the first flight of stairs and on the right. You have made it!

Mavarcica apartment from the street below

Getting started


Probably the first thing you will want to know is how to get connected to the wi-fi! The router is on the tv cabinet. If it is not plugged in, plug it in and enter the password on the router. Please note that there is a limit of 10gb per day. This should be ample for normal use.

Emergency Information

Please refer to the notice board in the entrance hallway for emergency contact information.

Hot water

The hot water tank is in the Emerald Bathroom. We suggest that you keep the water heater on for the duration of your stay as it is more efficient to keep water heated than to repeatedly heat from cold. The switch is outside the bathroom. When it is switched on, a red light will show on the water tank. The tank is not huge, so use hot water sparingly. If there are multiple occupants, showers may need to be staggered!

Air conditioning

The air conditioning unit is in the living area and its use is fairly self- explanatory. Air conditioning only works in a sealed environment, so please do not use the air conditioning with any open windows, and please ensure it is turned off when you are not in the Apartment. There are fans for use in the two bedrooms.


In addition to air conditioning (which heats the Apartment as well as cools) there are electric bar heaters in the bathrooms. Please ensure these are not left switched on when not in use (out of summer season/in cold weather). In summer please ensure that these are not switched on by accident.


There is a wonderful view from the balcony across the bay of Mavarčica (uvala Mavarčica) to the Central Dalmatian Islands of Brač (left/south) and Šolta (right/north). On clearer days) Hvar rises above them with a clear crest (Sv Nikola, 625m?) almost directly above the straight between two closer islands.

The Apartment is above the pool, but it goes without saying that the access to the pool is down the stairs and round the building!


All the windows in the Apartment are fitted with blinds which are manually operated. To raise simply pull down on the bands and to lower, pull the band towards you and slowly release the slack.

Balcony window

The balcony window operates on a tilt and turn mechanism. Turn the handle to horizontal to tilt the window (the top of the widow opens while the bottom of the window remains in place). DO NOT try to slide the window in this position. To open the window for access on to the balcony, tilt it first, then turn the handle down so it is pointing vertically to the floor. Gently pull on the handle so that the bottom comes out and when the whole window is vertical, pull it across with the handle. Reverse this operation to close.

TV and radio/CD player

You will notice that the TV and radio are not very modern! You have not come to Dalmatia to watch TV, but you should be able to find BBC world news if you really want to find out what is happening back home. You have probably also not thought to bring CDs or music cassettes with you, so the music player will only be good for local radio.

We are planning to install a modern TV/music system later in the year, ready for your next stay!

Sofa/sofa bed

The two parts of the sofa come apart (by lifting the side return from the other main section) and can then be moved on to position for a double sofa bed. Unfortunately, there were no instructions left after the sofa was installed so you will need to work it out. Please ensure a sheet is used when using the sofa bed.


At the end of these notes is an inventory of contents. If you discover anything non-urgent is missing, please let us know (e-mail dalmatiantraveller@yahoo.com) and we will arrange for a replacement as soon as possible, but not necessarily during your stay. If you discover anything is missing that requires urgent attention, please contact the agency Dalmatian Property Management. Their details are on the notice board. We work on trust, so if you break anything during your stay, please replace it before you leave. You do not need to tell us if you break something and replace it. If however you are unable to replace something for any reason, please let Dalmatian Property Management know.

Everything in the Apartment is available for use other than the items on the top shelf of the wardrobes in both bedrooms. This is where spare linen for the next stay is kept and also some of our own personal items.

The beautiful bay of Uvala Duga on the island of Ciovo
Relaxation – Mavarcica bay

What to do – Immediate Locality

Your options for activities and relaxation are almost endless. Here are a few ideas and tips.

You are staying on the edge of Okrug Gornji on the south side of the island of Čiovo, 250m from the bay of Mavarčica. The quickest way to the beach is via a gate at the bottom end of the apartment block (to the left as you look out from the balcony) down some steps to a small road.From here just keep heading down. Most of the roads run parallel to the bay due to the gradient so there is no direct raod to the beach.

Mavarcica bay

Once at the beach you can walk around the bay to a quieter beach called Vela Draga which can only be reached directly by foot or boat. The path follows the sea front out of the built up area and then through pine trees. It takes around 15 minutes from the beach at Mavarčica (go left looking towards the water).

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