Travel Dalmatia – Travel The Gems of the Adriatic

Our love affair with Croatia began in 2011 when we first visited the country and we were struck by the beauty, warmth and atmosphere we encountered.

Our landing point was Makarska, a Balkan Holidays package to the Meteor Hotel. We arrived in the middle of the night and as we threw back the curtains the following morning, our breath was taken away by the view across the promenade to the promontory of Sveti Petar and the lighthouse, the islands of Brac and Hvar floating on the azure blue water and the Biokovo mountains tumbling down to the sea towards Split.

Makarska Riviera

Dalmatia in its true sense comprises the Croatian coast from the northern extremity of Pag island in the north to the Ostra peninsula in the south, and includes the necklace of islands and hinterland bordering Bosnia-Hercegovina in between. Dalmatia gradually narrows from north to south, from around 50 miles to a sliver, and (in the true geographical as opposed to political sense) includes an 8 mile section of Bosnia-Hercegovina, the Neum Crossing (a likely subject of another blog).

Where Dalmatia meets Montenegro

The coastal areas of Croatia comprising Istria and Kvarner are separate regions.

Velebit mountains soar above Pag island, northern Dalmatia

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